Yamaha CL5 System Now In Hire

21st August 2017

Triplex has been a leading instal partner of Yamaha products for some years, installing CL, QL & TF into venues & houses of worship up and down the country so when we had a project that required a CL5 we were delighted to add it to our rental stock. We wanted to do it properly, so we've included the new Yamaha SWP1 Dante network switches which transmit the whole system over our standard HMA military grade fibre multi-cores.

The switches along with the HMA gives us rock solid networking. You also get a 'free' VLAN trunk ideal for use with GreenGo Comms.

Drop one of our project managers an email if you need a custom-built solution or if you just want to dry hire kit contact@triplexuk.com