DiGiCo SD11’s for rock band British Sea Power's UK tour

03rd May 2017

We recently provided rock band British Sea Power with a set of DiGiCo SD11’s for their UK tour. Here's what Joe (their FOH) had to say about his experience working with the desk and us.

It was the first time i had worked with Triplex, they provided a truly exceptional audio package and support. If it wasn’t for their expertise and unique way of packaging the equipment I would have been limited on what we could have taken on this tour. But thanks to Triplex I was able to take everything that was needed and a little more on this tour and keep the backline and audio pack size to a minimum for the bus trailer.

We had quite specific requirements for the audio package for the current album campaign. I had recently made the switch over to DiGiCo with another act I work with and it was a switch I was keen to make with British Sea Power. I was able to work closely with Jake at Triplex putting together the audio package and we decided that two SD11’s were the perfect choice. I had my reservations about using such a small surface for a band like BSP as they are so unpredictable – I was worried about having to chase faders across banks. But the DiGiCo surface is so customisable after a couple of hours In rehearsals I had the perfect layout. I used a combination of the consoles macro keys and an x-key system set up to trigger midi events and some finder action to speed things up even further. I had a mac mini in the FOH rack running tracks live (for record and virtual sound check) UAD console (controlling an Apollo 16) Waves sound grid (Waves plugins host) and Controller mate to look after all the midi / macro commands).

The ability to use the optocore network saved so much time for setting up the system. A mini rack in the FOH rack stayed patched into a UAD Apollo 16 and the Lake LM44 for output processing. The ability to use the con send and receive over the optocore saved us having to run any analog lines in the multicore run, saving valuable space and weight in the trailer.